Our Mini group starts from Age 5 and includes children up to the age of 9. We offer a safe and creative environment in which our minis learn the very basics of singing, acting and dancing. It's the perfect platform to start developing co-ordination and their triple threat skills through fun activities, confidence builders and ice breakers. The mini workshop is only an hour long, as we find the Minis struggle to concentrate for much longer than that. This is why we ensure that the time we have is intensive. This workshop provides the perfect opportunity for children who are shy or inhibitated to particapte in a social environment with other like minded children who love performing in any way. We teach them some choreography, we note bash trhough songs and we encourage them through drawings and the use of their imagination to develop characters that tie in with the material we are teaching them. The perfect holiday fun for any child who loves the arts.

Our Minis